Monday, October 1, 2012

My Postie Rocks!!

Boiled Lollies are a winner with me & because i am such a good customer my Postie blessed me with these goodies the other day - yummo!!!

It didn't take me long to empty the tin lol........ i had plans for that tin!
So with the tin & some of this

Helmar D├ęcoupage & Craft Paste is a thick water based paste glue. Designed specifically for  most Craft applications and the bonding of  D├ęcoupage cut outs to the surface of your chosen project.
Surfaces include Wood, Ceramic, Tin, Metal, etc.
&&&& boy oh boy did it work treat...............who said treat lol !!
Lace, a Filigree Flower with some tiny roses in the centre & a touch of ink sprays added the finishing touches to my little tin.
I love this technique so much I have started a canvas bag as soon as i finish it i'll be sure to share until then take care and happy creating


  1. oh my...this turned out beautfully Rae!! xxx

  2. Beautiful Rae. Love it. Cheers Di xo

  3. I was just looking at those very tins today cos I just can't walk past a tin!
    And now I know I will *have* to get one (the sugar-free boiled lollies for me).
    That is the most beautifully decorated tin I have ever seen!