Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Best Mates!

This is my Dad & his best mate Morton. 
Morty isn't with us any longer, he had a heart condition & sadly i lost another brother :-( 
We are family of all girls, 4 of us actually & over the years we had a few brothers King Billy Coke Bottle - Billy was a stocky little fella - I remember a wedding photo of Billy and I, he was dressed in a tuxedo !! & there was Prince another little fella but hairy.
Our Brothers spoilt us with pressies & cards stamped with their paw prints, its those special things in life that make you smile - HEY ??

now for a few close-ups.........
short and sweet I know but hey that's ME!! 
until next time happy creating and take care out there...............


  1. Beautiful memories Rae, to match an amazing layout... x

  2. where are the tissues to wipe my eyes...........Dad will be tickled pink when he sees this, well done Rae, looks awesome x

  3. Beautiful Rae. I see Finns influence there!
    Hugs Lucy

  4. Just beautiful. Love all the cogs :)

  5. Adore your work Rae. I'm a big fan. Cheers Di xo