Monday, May 12, 2014

The Time has come ................

To My lovely Scrap Matrix customers,

The purpose of this correspond is twofold.

Firstly, I have been blessed by you all and I personally wanted to communicate my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the support and friendship shown toward me in my time as the proprietor of Scrap Matrix.
My journey was made all the more enjoyable by each and every one of you and these words seem inadequate towards expressing my appreciation – bless all of your white cotton socks!

The time has come, Yes - Scrap Matrix has changed hands. Unfortunately recent personal circumstances have not allowed Scrap Matrix to service its valued customers and supporters to the highest possible standards. I sincerely apologise for this situation (Moving house, Renovations, Computer problems ETC) and hope I have been fair when not being able to fulfill orders.

I welcome and introduce Vicki as the proprietor of Scrap Matrix. I will be providing my utmost support in Vicki’s new venture and hope you can support her as you have done me, throughout my time.

I will continue to be involved in the craft I love, so hopefully I can maintain contact with you.
Please feel free to contact me at –
or follow my journey at
I will also continue designing for Scrap Matrix and will have projects for viewing each month. I am really looking forward to getting my creative back on.

Take care Rae xx

Again, thank you and the warmest Welcome to Vicki
Scrap Matrix is open for business, however due to relocation and change of ownership, things may be a little later than usual.
The Scrap Matrix web site is currently being upgraded to a newer  - an easier to navigate version, and some stocktaking is needed, so there may be a few hiccups, (like things no longer in stock maybe), but please bear with us as we are in this process. Rest assured that some (lots) of beautiful new product is on its way and the new site should be up and running in a couple of weeks. Vicki will e-mail you all, so you can be among the first to visit the new look site.
The blog and facebook page will also be given a face-lift to compliment the web design, and will continue to share updates of new products, classes and (hopefully) retreats. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where did that month go ??

Hey there - how have you been? I have been on walk about lol.... not really i have been on a tour of Australia and New Zealand on a craft adventure with Finnabair. It was so great to see so much HELMAR on the way...... my fav glues are also fav's of alot of ladies who attend our workshops - great to SEE !! Boy oh Boy did we have some fun.....but thats another story or two....
 Time to share -  i managed to do this journal along the way, which i found i couldn't post from my ipad or iphone like i had intended to do :-( so it had to wait until i got home..... oops sorry !!
First up Do you know how much i love 450????
It's a huge fav of mine and my journal below is full on 450 Quick Dry......
 every button put into place with 450 Quick Dry.............
 a few close ups ............ the buttons offer so much texture and a great way to use up all those you have in your stash that dont match anything ...... get the paint out !!
 thats it from me for now! This post is a little like me short and sweet lol - sorry but i have so much to do its not funny - feel free to call over for a cuppa and lend a hand lol....
until next time take care

Sunday, January 13, 2013

You'll never never know if you never ever go !!!!!!!!!!

I'm talking about the Northern Territory - we have some awesome things up here to see and do.
My LO today features one of the things we have heaps of here - they scare the .... out of me really but this picture is awesome so i had to use it. We had family and friends visit recently and we went on a trip to the jumping crocodiles and this is one them. Its breeding season up here at the moment so we got to see lots of nests as well and all those females protecting all their eggs................
so with out further a do here it is.....................
 My base is made from Helmar's 2 step crackle medium, which sort of looks like croc skin hey ??
 Helmar 450 Quick Dry got my vines & Twine into place. Helmar's Acid Free was used to secure my photo & heading to the LO.
 dont she look scary........................well no doubt she is .....................
 A handy hint about  Helmar's 2 step crackle medium  I learnt this time round. I started with step 1 of the crackle medium and covered a fair area then when dry iIgrabbed my step 2 of the crackle medium to find i was low :-( so I only put it in a few places. Once dry I sprayed ink sprays and let dry again - once dry i found that the areas that only had step 1 applied to it acted like a resist, look above and you will see what i mean - the whiteish areas - pretty cool hey??
I love my HELMAR 2 step crackle medium if you didn't know - off to order more ...........
until next time take care & happy creating

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Magical Adventure

It's been awhile since i have been here - I feel like i have been like one of my countrymen and been on walkabout lol
I have been on a trip to see my girl 'Shani' and all the other special friends down that way. In less than 24 hours i did one Territory & 3 States of Australia pretty good going if anyone knows how big Australia is !!
God Bless Sam for driving us xxx

I was up on Helmar's blog yesterday - Helmar teamed up with Darkroom Door here's what i came up with................

checkout the details over at Helmar's Blog

until next time take care out there

Monday, October 29, 2012

Crack Crack Crackle

Hey there  from a very hot and humid Darwin, the wet season is not far off - the joys of tropical living - I love it really :-)
I have been playing with Helmar's Two step crackle medium to make some cards
This is how I went about it;
1. Coat a sheet of cardstock with Helmar's step 1 crackle medium and allow to dry.
2. Apply a coat of Helmar's step 2 crackle medium and allow to dry.
3. Cut, tear the desired pieces of crackle paper and start  building your cards.
4. Easy hey ?
5. I used an assortment of embellies, chippies and ink sprays to finish them off - adhereing them into place with Helmar's Acid Free Glue, 450 Quick Dry & Quickfix Adhesive Runner
6. So what are you waiting for, start crackling today - remember you can share your Helmar creations on our Facebook page we love to see what you create with our awesome products.
Here are the cards I made with my piece of crackled cardstock - I did also use another 2 sheets of plain cardstock as the base of my cards choosing to add the crackled paper on top.
 I just love the added texture that Helmar's 2 step Crackle Medium has to offer.
 nothing like tearing to add extra dimension and texture ........... look at the crackle popping!!
 Need a HELMAR fix well you can get in HERE - until next time happy Helmar Creating and take care xx

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Best Mates!

This is my Dad & his best mate Morton. 
Morty isn't with us any longer, he had a heart condition & sadly i lost another brother :-( 
We are family of all girls, 4 of us actually & over the years we had a few brothers King Billy Coke Bottle - Billy was a stocky little fella - I remember a wedding photo of Billy and I, he was dressed in a tuxedo !! & there was Prince another little fella but hairy.
Our Brothers spoilt us with pressies & cards stamped with their paw prints, its those special things in life that make you smile - HEY ??

now for a few close-ups.........
short and sweet I know but hey that's ME!! 
until next time happy creating and take care out there...............

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Postie Rocks!!

Boiled Lollies are a winner with me & because i am such a good customer my Postie blessed me with these goodies the other day - yummo!!!

It didn't take me long to empty the tin lol........ i had plans for that tin!
So with the tin & some of this

Helmar D├ęcoupage & Craft Paste is a thick water based paste glue. Designed specifically for  most Craft applications and the bonding of  D├ęcoupage cut outs to the surface of your chosen project.
Surfaces include Wood, Ceramic, Tin, Metal, etc.
&&&& boy oh boy did it work treat...............who said treat lol !!
Lace, a Filigree Flower with some tiny roses in the centre & a touch of ink sprays added the finishing touches to my little tin.
I love this technique so much I have started a canvas bag as soon as i finish it i'll be sure to share until then take care and happy creating