Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Bonnet Parade

Decorated Hat Day - Easter Bonnet Parade -  Last day Term 1

Jess told me on Monday they had to decorate a hat, nothing about Easter or anything like that just 'decorate a hat mum'. So we came up with a plan to decorate this hat he got in Bali on the elephant tour he went on. So i went out and bought all these African animals & had a bit of a plan in my head as he did in his. So Wednesday nite (nothing like leaving it till the last minute) I pull out all this stuff & call Jess for assistance. Neil  sitting there reading the  school newsletter throws in this comment  'it's an Easter bonnet you are meant to be making'..............aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ........that's my Jess!

So off to the shop  Shani goes for some last minute supplies & here is the results of Jess's Easter bonnet & by the way he actually won..................god love him

I did ask him to smile 'don't like smiling mum' so this was shot #3 and i gave up :-)  lol

The hat came home but the eggs fell out of the nest and broke so they had to eat you got to love them!

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