Monday, March 1, 2010

Is it going to stop!

Well it's big monsoonal rains for us in the Top End (GREAT Scrapp'n weather :-) ) , Friday we had 179mm & Saturday 131 mm and so far no sign of easing up 4 days & counting. We even have our own river system from the back of the property to the front, no Barra though & at this stage no croc's thank goodness.

Thought i would share some snap shots with you all (did ask Neil to run out and move the 2 palm prongs from the lawn as they were interfering in my pic - but he wouldn't be in it lol), that's as long as the power doesn't go out, haven't had much luck the last few days. I get all excited and want to post this and that as my blog is only new, just about get ready to upload it and woo and behold blackout ! Anyways i hope to get this one posted, so better stop rambling on and post it hey !

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