Sunday, January 13, 2013

You'll never never know if you never ever go !!!!!!!!!!

I'm talking about the Northern Territory - we have some awesome things up here to see and do.
My LO today features one of the things we have heaps of here - they scare the .... out of me really but this picture is awesome so i had to use it. We had family and friends visit recently and we went on a trip to the jumping crocodiles and this is one them. Its breeding season up here at the moment so we got to see lots of nests as well and all those females protecting all their eggs................
so with out further a do here it is.....................
 My base is made from Helmar's 2 step crackle medium, which sort of looks like croc skin hey ??
 Helmar 450 Quick Dry got my vines & Twine into place. Helmar's Acid Free was used to secure my photo & heading to the LO.
 dont she look scary........................well no doubt she is .....................
 A handy hint about  Helmar's 2 step crackle medium  I learnt this time round. I started with step 1 of the crackle medium and covered a fair area then when dry iIgrabbed my step 2 of the crackle medium to find i was low :-( so I only put it in a few places. Once dry I sprayed ink sprays and let dry again - once dry i found that the areas that only had step 1 applied to it acted like a resist, look above and you will see what i mean - the whiteish areas - pretty cool hey??
I love my HELMAR 2 step crackle medium if you didn't know - off to order more ...........
until next time take care & happy creating


  1. Fantastic stuff Rae - love the lucky accident with the crackle medium - perfect background for this photo!

  2. Oh wow wee, those things scare me too but this layout looks amazing and not too scary................. Love the crackle medium.

  3. Intriguing! I love how your crackle texture mimics the crocodile :)~ very cool layout~!


  4. oh GORGEOUS is this!!! fantastic job!! xxx

  5. Oh wow!!! This is absolutely SENSATIONAL!!!! Love the crackle effect - it TOTALLY looks like croc skin and the sticks are pure genius. Amazing!!!

  6. Hello Rae. Your work is amazing and I have just become a follower. Your projects are stunning I hope to learn a lot from visiting here. Thank you.
    ox Marg