Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mr Squiggle

Mr Squiggle & my son Jess were my inspiration today! I used to love watching Mr Squiggle when i was a little girl - loved Mr Blackboard too hehehe...... & I often find Jess with miniature pencils, I am unsure if its a fascination with the pencil sharpen or just the fact he likes tiny pencils. Is this a boy thing I wonder ???
How cute is Mr Squiggle?? 
Here's my inspirational Faber Castell & Helmar Journal
  i started out with canvas journal covers, torn pieces of paper and Helmar's Decoupage Glue
 I'm a little addicted to Helmar's Decoupage Glue of late i find it so easy to use and love the clear drying factor.
 I glued away until both front and backs were covered, then added some Tim Holtz Tissue Tapes (this was an after thought once doing the inside covers to tie it all together) On the inside I made pockets from envelopes and covered them with Tim Holtz Tissue Tapes and sealed them with Helmar's Decoupage Glue.
 the next is our little secret OK ??? ssshhhhh dont tell Faber Castell that i am a wrecker lol......
 How cool do these look ??

I glued the Faber Castell Pencils down with Helmar's 450 Glue, took some shavings and placed them around each colour while Helmar's Decoupage Glue was still a tad wet this let them stick where i needed them. I grabbed a piece of ruler ribbon and attached it to a piece of chippy to add strength with Helmar's Acid Free Glue. For my next trick i took Helmar's Antique Acrylic Sealer and sealed the front and back covers completely - its a great satin look with a vintage feel to it !!
but wait there's more.................
I had another little helper too - Meet Ab - she is 2 and a bit and loves to draw so when she spied all my Faber Castell goodies she wanted to play !!
 and here is Ab's master piece - the first page in my journal.

thanks for stopping by - remember to keep my secret lol.
until next time take care and happy creating