Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little storage!

Hey there - its been awhile but i think i'm back on track !
I have been playing with some storage ideas and with AGB's help we have come up with this - A Card Storage Box.
 It could be a card box or you could use it as a recipe box or an index card box lots of ideas really....
 The box is what i call flat-packed - so to construct the chippy box I used  Helmar Acid Free- Neutral pH glue once the box was constructed i spread Helmar Acid Free- Neutral pH glue. over the chippy making sure to get it right to the outside edges then i used 7 Dots Studio - Dreamer Papers  and covered the base and the lid, sanded and inked the edges then it was time to decorate. I put a few sprays of water on the
OTC Chippy Leaves and Flourish and spread the layers of the chippy and added a scrunch here and there for extra texture then applied a few colours of Glimmermist and adhered it all with yep you guessed it Helmar Acid Free- Neutral pH glue (it's a fav lol)
 I added flowers mad e from German Scrap - Paper Laces,a dragonfly trinket and a feather or two.
 Here is the inside - embossed and labelled ready to fill...........................
I wanted to show you how i make my flowers........ these are also a big fav of mine :-)
 You will need Helmar Acid Free- Neutral pH glue , paper lace & stamens.
 Run a small amount of Helmar Acid Free- Neutral pH glue on the base of the lace...............
 fold the stamens in half and place in the end of the lace and roll once over...........
 start pinching the lace and working around and around to form a flower - sort of placing the petals where you want them............
 see i'm getting there - and do you know how hard it is to take photo's while demoing at the same time lol
 keep going until you have the size you want - EASY HEY ??? Add some Glimmermist or Ink and Olala............
& & &
Here's a card i made to go in my box - i'm getting in real early this year for Fathers Day - i reckon i will get lots of Brownie points for this one lol

 Thanks for stopping by unitl next time take care and happy creating
 Helmar USA Inc. Design Team Member


  1. Love those flowers, Rae. Very cute. The box is great also! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. HI :) I am new follower to your wonderful blog... I totally love thes little flowers...


  3. HI :) I am new follower to your wonderful blog... I totally love thes little flowers...


  4. Very beautiful box. Love it! Hugs from Brazil!! :)

  5. such a gorgeous box! love your flowers(TFS) and the cool card!!!!

  6. Very glad I found your blog. Amazing work, and I can't wait to do the class with you in April at Autumn Escape. I have chosen you for the Liebster Blog Award, which I hope you will accept. For details go to my blog

  7. Hi Rae, I have that copy of SBM here and didn't recognise you on the cover, it's beautiful, congrats! my hubby brought home a copy of the Territory Quarterly mag. tonight to show me the scrapbooking article. What a cooincidence that was, since i had just stumbled across your site a few days ago! It's a great spread congratulations, and a lovely pic too!

    1. Wow so nice to get these gorgeous comments - it inspires me to keep on going so thanks everyone xxx